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Introducing Gossip Guy

Pink tessellated x's and o's on an orange background
Illustration by Robin Hunt

Hello and welcome to Gossip Guy! I’m so excited to announce my new personal newsletter. You may have seen some of my previous reporting in Real Change, where I am a staff reporter, the South Seattle Emerald and elsewhere. In this platform I will continue to bring you the same community-informed journalism on a weekly basis.

Gossip Guy is dedicated to delivering the latest hot goss on what’s going on with social movements and accountability journalism in Seattle and beyond. My perspective is locally rooted, but globally focused. My allegiance is to the T, not profit (although the occasional donation doesn’t hurt ;) ). If this at all sounds interesting to you, please consider subscribing for free. Your support is invaluable.

Write to you soon,

Guy Oron

P.S. I have to give a huge shout out to the immensely talented Robin Hunt, who created the super cute design for Gossip Guy. Hire them for your next project!