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Chart shows vast majority of Unified Care Team funds flow to Cleaning and Encampments, which is colored in green

Unpacking Seattle’s $26.6 million sweeps budget

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Double exposure photo of blurry people wearing kuffiyehs looking at a building with murals

Wing Luke Museum staff strike in protest of anti-Palestinian rhetoric in new exhibit

This past Wednesday, May 22, almost half the staff of the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience
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protest sign with the text Boeing arms genocide

Seattle activists disrupt Boeing defense trade show

Boeing has had a rough couple of months. Since the infamous January 5 Alaska Airlines flight 1282, in which part
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Tents pitched on grassy field with university buildings in the background

Evergreen students achieve “historic” non-binding agreement on divestment

As UW Seattle students were setting up their “liberated zone” encampment last week, students at another Washington state college were
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Map shows states and cities that support and oppose criminalizing homelessness

Seattle joins West Coast cities and Republican states in support of criminalizing homelessness

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Palestine solidarity activists shut down Sea-Tac Airport road as part of global day of action

Palestine solidarity activists shut down Sea-Tac Airport road as part of global day of action

On April 15 at about 2:30 p.m., protesters blocked the road leading to arrivals and departures at the
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Distorted photo with man standing in front of billboard truck, with accuracy in media logo in the front

Zionists dox West Seattle high school teacher

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A woman speaks into a microphone, with others standing beside and behind her

Seattle asylum seekers scramble for shelter

Over the last two years, we’ve seen an influx of migrants coming to the United States seeking political asylum.
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