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Gossip Guy is a weekly newsletter dedicated to delivering the latest hot goss on what’s going on with social movements and accountability journalism in Seattle and beyond. While rooted locally, the newsletter has a global focus, tying in what happens in Seattle to the rest of the world. If this sounds like your jam, please consider subscribing for free. Your support is invaluable.

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About the ‘Guy’ in Gossip Guy

Guy Oron (he/they) is the Creator of Gossip Guy. Ever since he attended his first Iraq War vigil at the age of 5, Guy has always had an interest in social justice. During college, they were involved in multiple Seattle community organizing efforts in support of racial and economic justice and Palestinian liberation. This background has informed Guy’s writing as he transitioned to becoming a full-time journalist.

Guy has served as the staff reporter for Real Change, Seattle’s only street newspaper, for more than two years. Prior to that, they worked as a freelance journalist for several publications including the South Seattle Emerald, The Stranger and The Nation. You can keep up to date with his latest work by subscribing to Gossip Guy and following him on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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