Commenting Guidelines

X and O in black
Art by Robin Hunt.

Created 28 May 2024.

In the interest of creating a hospitable and friendly space for discussion, I am instituting some basic guidelines on commenting:

  • Gossip Guy is a place for discourse: Please feel free to post almost anything, including your thoughts, analysis, questions, story ideas, advice, criticism, constructive feedback, etc. I’m not here to limit your speech.
  • Don’t be bigoted: so no racism, sexism, transphobia etc.
  • Don’t act like a Twitter troll: there is no reason for abusive language, insults, etc. Basic etiquette Just don’t be an asshole.
  • Don’t be a bot: Spam or automated posts will be instantly deleted.

Basically, please no foolishness in the comment section. I want to maintain a good vibe here on Gossip Guy that everybody can enjoy. If there are any issues, I will email you a warning, delete your comment and/or ban you from commenting. Please feel free to email me if you have any thoughts or concerns about the new commenting rules at